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Roof Trusses with all dimensions and nail plates ready to use. You do not need to do any calculations. Just take the truss out of the app and use it. The design has been made according to Eurocode, which is common to all EU countries.


  1. Snow zone where you live (0 m - 3.5 m).
  2. Truss length - span (Including snow zone you have 63 ready trusses to choose from: 5 - 9 m / 16,4 - 29.5 feet).
  3. Then you have lumber width, nail plates and all dimensions ready to use.
  4. If the ready-made trusses do not fit your measurements, you can easily with the instruction calculate other measurements between  5 - 9 m / 16 - 30 ft.
  5. With our calculator you can shift between meter - feet and inch.

Wood trusses are the most common truss used for gable roof in Scandinavia. They are used for houses, garages and other buildings where the attic should not be finished and where the truss must be cantilevered from the outer walls. The important function of trusses is to transfer the load from the roof to the wall frame structure. It shall also be the basis for roof and ceiling coverage. Wood trusses with metal plates (nail plates) have an outstanding record of proven performance and durability for more than 40 years in Europe.

This instruction is about wood trusses W/27. W means that the diagonals has the form of a W (web) inside the truss and that roof slope is 27 degrees. Single storey house and garage often have 27-degree roof slope in Scandinavia. Eight-meter span is often used to 120 m² single storey house, 6.5 m to double garage and garage with carport and 5 m to single garage.

The trusses are designed for heavy roof where the roof covering is made up of wood or board materials and brick or concrete roof tiles. The distance between the trusses must not exceed 1200 mm. The roof trusses can also be used for lightweight roof.

Please note! Tenico apps automatically adapts to both smartphones and tablets. You can increase and decrease text and images on your phone.

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