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Many houses with underfloor heating have a poor distribution of heat in the floors, especially in winter when it is coldest outside and the error may be due to a poor balance of the underfloor heating loops. It could also be due to an incorrect setting of thermostats and actuators and air in the heating loops.

This instruction will help you to fix the errors yourself. You need no special tools. An Allen wrench, screwdriver, wrench and pliers are often all that is needed. In addition to hand tools you need an IR-thermometer for quick and precise measurement of temperatures. They can be bought for around $ 30. The thermometer can then be used anywhere to measure exact temperatures quickly.

This instruction is about Uponor (Wirsbo) underfloor heating system but it can be used for all underfloor heating installations since all installations are performed according to the same principles. You who are going to buy a house and want to know more about underfloor heating will also benefit from this instruction.

You can apply this instruction to other underfloor heating systems e.g. LK-Systems,  Thermotec, Polypipe, Emmeti, UFH Company and more.

  • Note that the balancing procedure is done in the winter when the heat is on.
  • The heat is not turned off during the adjustment. Read it now so you are prepared for the winter.
  • Using the same method as described in this instruction we have corrected errors in thousands of Nordic homes.

You will learn:

  • Find and correct errors.
  • To bleed heating loops free from air pockets.
  • To adjust the room thermostats to a fixed setting. Example max + 22 oC and min + 17 oC  (+ 72 oF and + 62 oF).
  • Register thermostats to the correct heating loop.
  • Calculate the length of hidden heating loops.
  • Adjust the heating loops so that all room has warm floors.

Balancing UFH System PDF

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